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BSWM participates in International Soccer tournament

BSWM participated in International Soccer Tournament organized by Center for New American at Northampton High School soccer field today from 10 a.m to 3 p.m.

Junior team ready to play

Junior team getting ready to play. Photo Courtesy: Laxmi Adhikari

Both senior and junior team participated. The junior team first played with Hamp Pick Up team and later played with Springfield Stars. Similarly, the senior team had to play with C.D Aleman followed by FC Northampton.

Senior and junior teams after the match

Senior and junior teams after the match. Photo Courtesy: Laxmi Adhikari

Both the teams were coached by Benu Budathoki,  and managed by BSWM president Bhuwan Gautam. Keshab Mainali of Springfield and Ram Budathoki were the team captains.

Prem Rai and Keshab Mainali

Prem Rai and Keshab Mainali. Photo Courtesy: Laxmi Adhikari


World Refugee Day Celebration ends today

World Refugee Day celebration finally ends today. On the occasion of the world refugee day, Western Mass Refugees and Immigrant Consortium (WMRIC) organized three days long World Refugee day commemoration with various activities from June 19 to June 21 in various locations and cities in Western Massachusetts.

The WMRIC mentions that ‘Western Massachusetts is home to more than 10,000 refugees and their families from over 25 different countries”.

Refugees and local community members watching Performance Project Art

Refugees and local community members watching Performance Project Art

June 19 featured entertainment performed by Performance Project’s First Generation and Vietnamese Dragon Dancers, ethnic food, a short documentary featuring local refugee residents and panel discussion from 6 to 8 pm at Holy Name Social Center 323 Dickinson St, Springfield. Bhuwan Gautam represented the Bhutanese community and shared Bhutanese refugees story. Similarly, Bandhu Adhikari and Sugar Moon from Bhutan and Burma respectively shared their stories.

On June 20, actual World Refugee day featured family cultural celebration including educational exhibits, performances, door prizes and games for kids. The event was facilitated by Lutheran Social Services St. at Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Bhutanese team ready to play with Somali team

Bhutanese team ready to play with Somali team

On June 21, first Annual World Refugee Day Soccer tournament featuring area refugee teams was organized at Springfield Technical Community College soccer field from 12 pm to 1 pm. Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts’s soccer B team  participated in the soccer tournament. The A team went to Erie Pennsylvania to participate in inter-state soccer tournament. Bhutanese Team and Somali team played. The Somali Team defeated Bhutanese team by 8-5 goals.

United Nations established June 20th as World Refugee Day to honor the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homes under threat of persecution, conflict and violence.Mr. Bhuwan Gautam, BSWM President thanked the organizing committee and encouraged the refugees to continue to be successful in the land of opportunity. Please click here to read his viewpoint published by

Prakash Shree of Springfield singing at the event at West Springfield event

Prakash Shree of Springfield singing at the event at West Springfield event












BSWM organizes inter-city football tournament

Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts, Inc organized inter-city (Springfield, West Springfield and Westfield) friendly football match at Mittineague Park, West Springfield on August 31, 2013 from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Kesab Mainali led Springfield team; West Springfield was led by Rabin Giri and Westfield by Prakash Rai. Among athletics, Kesab Mainali of Springfield and Laxmi Basnet from Westfield were selected as man of the match. However, the judge decided to award prize of $40 to Mr. Mainali from runner up team. The Westfield Team won the match and was awarded with $500.00 and Springfield Team was runner up and was awarded with $300.00.

Ram Rai honoring Keshab Mainai

Ram Rai honoring Keshab Mainai with prize(photo courtesy: Bhuwan Gautam

The program managers Kumar Bhujel and Chandra Bhattarai added, “The event would not have been successful without the contribution of the following:

Bikash rai, westfield $20

Ram Rai                        $20

Tulshi bhandari         $50

Ashok Rai                   $197.65

Chandra Bhattarai    $125

Kumar Bhugel          $ 135 and 60 bottles of water

Entrance Fee of $100 from each city.

Mr. Bhujel and Battarai,  on behalf of BSWM coordinated the event and made it successful. The organizing committee made the small presentation. Bhuwan Gautam, Ram Rai and Kumar Bhugel gave their encouraging words to the players and the committee.

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