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BSWM kicks off 2017 Annual Cultural Event

Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts hosted a cultural event today at Trinity United Methodist Church in Springfield from 12 pm to 3:30 pm.

The event was made possible with the financial support from Mass Cultural Council, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts, Interstate Mart Grocery Bazar, Global Supermarket Nepali Grocery, and Garden Indian Restaurant Agawam. Hindu Sanatan Sewa Samaj and UGASA supported the event with planning and logistics.

Rhode Island

The event featured Nepali cultural dances, songs, and Indian food.

Ash Tamang, President of United Games and Sporting Association (UGASA) provided an overview of his organization. The UGASA demonstrated a karate kata and dances.

Similarly, Hindu Sanatan Sewa Samaj, Salom Church, and artists from Rhode Island and Worcester also presented their dances and songs.

Laxmi Adhikari alongside Bhumika Giri anchored the program.

About 300 people from Springfield, West Springfield, Westfield, Worcester, Rhode Island and Connecticut attended the event.

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2017 Festival of Women celebrated by Bhutanese community

Hindu Sanatan Sewa Samaj hosted “Teej”, the festival of women at Trinity United Methodist Church Springfield, MA from 11:30 am to 4 pm on Saturday.

Community members from Springfield, West Springfield and Westfield gathered together to celebrate Teej.

Community members from Springfield, West Springfield and Westfield gathered together to celebrate.

Teej is celebrated in Nepal, India, and Bhutan to welcome the monsoon season and is mainly celebrated by girls and women with songs, dances, and prayer rituals. The festival is primarily dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva.

Hundreds of community members from Springfield, West Springfield, Westfield and Worcester were present during the event. The program featured food, dance and music.

According to the Executive Director of the organization Bandhu Adhikari, the program was made successful with the generous financial support from Pintu’s Indian Restaurant, Interstate Mart, Global Supermarket LLC, Asian Star Grocery LLC and Quick Stop Convenience Store, including the tireless efforts from the community volunteers.

Chatra Basnet, administrator of the organization thanked the community members for their contribution in making this event successful. There were outstanding dancers from all ages. “The interest and enthusiastic moral displayed during the event were just fabulous. Everything worked magnificently,” said Chatra Basnet.

Mr. Adhikari is committed to bringing similar programs in the future to benefit the community.

Hindu Sanatan Sewa Samaj is a faith-based organization responding the needs of Hindu communities in Massachusetts.

Bhutanese Community Celebrates Holi Festival of Color

Despite freezing cold temperature out, several enthusiastic Bhutanese community members gathered at West Springfield Massachusetts today to celebrate Holi. Holi  is a Hindu festival, also known as the “festival of colors” or the “festival of love”. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships, and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest.

The festival was organized by Hindu Sanatan Sewa Samaj, Inc(HSSS). Bandhu Adhikari, the executive director said, “These kinds of social and religious gatherings are the positive aspects, which connect community members towards the shared values, culture and traditions. Indra Baniya, the senior community member coordinated the event.

Several Hindi and Nepali music added energy among the youths to further create the festive mood.

HSSS is a faith-based non-profit organization which responds the cultural and religious needs of the Bhutanese community in Western Massachusetts.

Bhutanese cultural event kicks off at West Springfield

United Games and Sporting Association (UGASA) successfully organized its first cultural event today at west Springfield Massachusetts. The event started off with the ribbon cutting and candle lighting from the chief guests. According to the president of the organization Ash Tamang, the organization aims to foster discipline, dynamism, and development through sports. The organization plans to have different sporting activities like soccer, volleyball, karate, cricket, badminton, ping pong, dance and music and more.

From Left: Taran Tiwari, CEO of Greenlife Homecare LLC, Narad Adhikari, President of the board of directors of HSSS.

From Left: Taran Tiwari, Founder of Greenlife Homecare LLC, Narad Adhikari, board chief of HSSS.

The event featured dances, both folk and modern; solo songs, recitation of poems and karaokes.

The musical album by Bidhan Kalikote, “I Miss You” was also released.

Bhuwan Gautam, President of Board of Directors of Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts, gave his vote of thanks. He said, “These types of strength based cultural events are indeed a real need for the community. He also expressed the message of hope, love, and care during the time of  many political rhetoric messages going around that might have affected refugees and immigrants. He further added, “We belong to this Country and we are not going anywhere. Please keep on developing the community through these wonderful initiatives.” Similarly, Narad Adhikari, board chief of Hindu Sanatan Sewa Samaj (HSSS) and UGASA president Ash Tamang gave their speeches.The karate game was demonstrated at the event.

The karate master assisting her students to demonstrate the basic level Kata.

The karate students demonstrating the basic level Kata.

The refugee resettlement in Springfield started in 2008 and currently Western Massachusetts have over 3000 Nepali-speaking Bhutanese individuals. The community already has over 15 small businesses owned by the former Bhutanese refugees. The event was sponsored by Greenlife Homecare LLC, Interstate Mart, Asian Grocery Store, Global Supermarket, Express Borws & Beauty Stylr, New York Life Insurance, Quick Stop Convenience, Anugraha Grocery Store along with some individual donations.

Laxmi Adhikari and Dika Chamlagai anchored the program.

BSWM continues to foster the organizational developments through collaborations, partnership, and technical assistance.

Over 250 people attended the event. There were dancers coming from all the way to New Hampshire, Worcester, and Connecticut. The Cultural Director Indra Baniya said that the event was a great success and looking forward to bringing more events in the near future.

200th Bhanu Jayanti marked

Aimed at creating awareness on mental HEALTH, the Bhutanese Community of Connecticut (BCC) organized poetry recitation on July 12 coinciding the 200th Bhanu Jayanti at Hartford Public Library.

Former BCC President and OBCA Northeast Regional Vice-President, Padam Bharati, chaired the event.

Various literary figures from Bhutanese communities as well as Nepali communities participated in the event chaired by Padam Bharati, BCC chair and OBCA northeast regional vice-chair.

Resettled Bhutanese engage themselves to mark 200th Bhanu J ayanti in Connecticut (Picture courtesy: Padam Bharati)

Resettled Bhutanese engage themselves to mark 200th Bhanu Jayanti in Connecticut (Picture courtesy: Padam Bharati)

Similarly, Dr Marcus Kchinney, assistant professor of Psychiatry at University of Connecticut School of Medicine also did a presentation on available mental resources for the community. While, Dr Khagendra Luital from Tribhuwan University also presented his latest PAPER ON Bhutanese literature.Dr Maya Prabhu from Psychological Medicine Division and the Yale Law and Psychiatry Division, Yale New Heaven did a presentation highlighting the problem of mental health, encouraging and giving hope to the Bhutanese COMMUNITY.

Meanwhile, Bhutanese in other states also marked the 200th birth anniversary of Nepalese poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya by organizing similar literary and cultural PROGRAMS.

Editor’s note: This article is being reproduced from Bhutan News Service

BCC and NAConn celebrated Nepali New Year

The neighboring community based organizations; Bhutanese Community of Connecticut (BCC) and Nepali Association of Connecticut (NAConn) celebrated Nepali New Year 2071 at Hartford City on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The Bhutanese program was inaugurated with Bhutanese and American National anthem sung by Padam Bharati and team along with the deep prajwalan(lightening holy candle) from Judy Gough, Director of Catholic Charities and migration services. Similarly, Nepali program played both Nepali as well as American national anthem.

Artists performing at NAC event  Photo: Ghanashyam Khadka

Artists performing at NAConn event
Photo: Ghanashyam Khadka

BCC Artists performing with  Bhutanese traditional costumes

Artists performing at BCC event
Photo: Bhuwan Gautam

Both the programs entertained audiences with various cultural group dances, solo dances, solo songs, poem recitation, and short speeches from the chief guests and other distinguished community members.  However, the NAConn event divided the events into two folds; the first half presented the organizational overview, honoring distinguished guests, releasing new community newspaper “Connectiuct Chautari”.  The second half of the program rocked the floor with fashion show, dances with the  DJs music and much more.

Bhimika Giri and Tulsi Sarki from Springfield performed at BCC event.

Over 400 community members along with number of American guests attended each programs and enjoyed the cultural mix of the ethnic communities.


BSWM hosts its annual event

Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts hosted its 2014 annual event on Saturday at Rebecca Johnson School from 1pm to 5 pm. The program was organized in coordination of the Cultural coordinator Laxmi Adhikari along with the help of the BSWM Board of Directors, program coordinators and advisors.

The program featured solo songs, live solo songs, dances both in Nepal and Hindi, and a powerpoint presentation from the president of the organization. The performers were from Lynn, Hartford, Worcester, Springfield, West Springfield, and Westfield. In the meanwhile, the present committee recognized the work done by the former committee members and awarded them with appreciation certificates.

The program was anchored by Laxmi Adhikari, Durga Giri, Lila Chamlagai and Bandhu Adhikari.

Laxmi Adhikari, addresses some of the 400 Bhutanese refugees gathered in Springfield. (Photo/Bhuwan Gautam)

Laxmi Adhikari, addresses some of the 400 Bhutanese refugees gathered at Rebecca Johnson School. (Photo/Bhuwan Gautam)

More than four hundred people from western Massachusetts including the teachers, administrators and social workers from Westfield Public Schools, West Springfield Public Schools, Springfield Public Schools, Caring Health Center and Department of Public Health attended the event.

The event was made possible by individual donation contributions from community members as well as the guests.

from Left: Chandra, Tulasha, Pabitra, Muna and Bhumika

from Left: Chandra, Tulasha, Pabitra, Muna and Bhumika

Bhutanese Community loses a community member in Springfield, MA

Hundreds of Bhutanese Community members of Western Massachusetts attended the funeral of Lt. Jit Pradhan despite cold snow day on December 14, 2013 at 4 Princeton Street, Westfield, MA. The funeral possession and burial was done as per Christian faith with the help of Pastor Nar Rai(BSWM Advisor), Pastor Parlad Gurung(BSWM Vice-president), and other important church members of the community.

Funeral                                                                   Funeral Home

Late Pradhan, who is remembered as humorous person was resettled by Lutheran Social Service in 2012. He lived in Goldhap refugee camp for 20 years after he became a refugee due to political persecution.

Lt. Jit PradhanLt. Jit Pradhan

The Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts volunteers were able to act together to provide financial resources the family needed and comforted during their difficult times. BSWM President Bhuwan Gautam visited the bereaved family and expressed his heartfelt condolences and assisted the family with the unmet needs.

Mr. Pradhan was suffering from his chronic liver disease for long time. He is survived by his two wives and 9 children.