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We are committed to empowering, strengthening and creating a vibrant new American Community in Western Massachusetts.

Vision: To become a refugee community resource center.

Moving from Distress to Wellness

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  • छात्ती चिरेर देखाइदेऔं...

    -तुम्बेहाङ लिम्बू नबगाउ आँशु हे मेरा भूटानी पींढी हो देशभित्र र देश बाहिर कचल्टिएका मेरा प्यारा […]

  • Call for Bhutan to grant its Citizens’ Right to Cultural Costumes

    Yati Raj Ajnabee Adelaide, Australia To His Majesty Jigme Keshar Namgyel Wangchuk Honourable Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay Honourable Ministers and Honourable Members of the Parliament His Majesty has just given an audience to the public in the palace on the […]

  • भोटाङे

    शंकर रैनपुरे युटा, अमेरिका कति टर्रो तिम्रो जिब्रो हँ? कति पिरो तिम्रा शब्दहरू! कति पोल्ने तिम्रा […]

  • ‘हामी नेपाली होइनौं’

    ओहायो, १५ अक्टोबर “हामी नेपाली होइनौं । भूटानका नेपालीभाषी हौं । अबको हाम्रो राष्ट्रियता भनेको […]


  • BNS site to be down for...

    Unfortunately, BNS has not gone long enough in 2017. We have not done as much in regard to the reporting and publishing of news worthy matters that […]

  • परिवेश रोएको...

    कृति-समीक्षा राजेस कोइराला / न्यू हप्शयर   शकुनि पाराको […]

  • Storm Damage Huts in Camps

    Breaking:  Heavy and incessant rain with strong wind for three days damaged huts and flooded camps to cause evacuation of affected families to high […]

  • Second Memorial Soccer in...

    It is the second year now that Bhutanese Society of Kentucky has been hosting the international memorial soccer tournament in memory of three youths […]

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